Can’t You Hear Them? (2017)

Can't You Hear Them“A remarkable book about voice hearing, which provides an accessible account of the science, but does not lose track of the meaning of the experience. It is compassionate, controversial and compelling!”       Prof Christopher Cook

“On finishing this book my initial instinct was to re-read it in order to appreciate its insights for a second time. Can’t You Hear Them? is not only a work of impressive scholarship but a compelling, beautifully-written story of human experience and endeavour.”   Dr Eleanor Longden


My latest book will be published on 21 April 2017.

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A brilliant and thoughtful travel into the complex experience of hearing voices. Superbly written, with intelligence, but also a delightful sense of humour, this book will become an indispensable addition to the bookshelves of clinicians, scientists and people who hear voices.” Prof Renaud Jardri

An excellent, important, intellectually mature and beautifully written book about voice hearing and science. It is not without humour. Simon McCarthy-Jones is a courageous and able researcher and communicator who rightly deserves significant success and recognition as a writer and academic in the field of health and progress.” Hywel Davies, Chairman: Hearing Voices Network Cymru, Wales

“An engaging enquiry into the psychology and neuroscience of voice hearing that explores hallucinated voices in all their fascinating forms.”    Dr Vaughan Bell

With rigorous science, penetrating analyses, colourful and enjoyable prose, and an astonishing breadth of knowledge – Simon McCarthy-Jones has delivered a book that will undeniably be appreciated by many“. Dr Frank Laroi


I offered a summary of my last book for the prospective purchaser. This time round I will simply say this; my book seeks truth at multiple levels of analysis including, but not limited to, Cornel West’s vision of what an academic should do:

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I hope you find it of interest or use.